Importance of Arts & Crafts For Preschoolers

The importance of early childhood arts education has received increased attention in recent years. Although this is good news, the majority of funding is directed to grades K-12, with preschools being largely left out.To offset the potential lack of arts and crafts education at your child’s preschool; you can incorporate art into your daily routine at home. Keep a variety of inexpensive art materials available. Crayons, finger paint, paint brushes and a variety of paper is an inexpensive way to start. Many household items, such as string, sponges, coffee filters and food items can also be incorporated into art activities. Art in early childhood education programs is an essential building block of development and bridges learning with other subject areas.The first and easiest step to remember is: be creative! Spontaneous creative play, is what young children naturally do-singing, dancing, drawing, and role-playing. Studies have shown that the arts engage all the senses. When caregivers engage and encourage children in arts activities on a regular basis from early in life, they are laying the foundation for, and even helping wire children’s brains for successful learning. When you allow your child to express themselves creatively they will achieve a sense of accomplishment.An example of an educational preschool easy craft is making a pipe cleaner bird feeder.Pipe Cleaner Bird FeederStringing the cereal onto the pipe cleaners allows young children to practice their fine motor skills.What you need:Pipe cleaner
Cheerios (or similar)Directions: Make a loop at one end of the pipe cleaner. Thread cereal on to the pipe cleaner. Leave enough space to make another loop. Hang the feeder anywhere outside.Parents should not feel that they are not creative enough to make crafts. There are many types of crafts to make and there is something for everyone.To help get the creative juices flowing, visit Our projects are easy, educational and fun! Preschool Easy Crafts is your all-in-one stop for preschool crafts, recipes, printables and supplies.

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